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Functions API

Leverage our collection of useful functions to increase the power of your automation suite.

From Podio Workflow Automation

ProcFu functions are designed to be easily callable from any PWA/GF POST action.

All calls must come securely over HTTPS and include your Auth Token in the Authorization header (found on the 🔑Security & Keys page).

In Vanilla PWA/GF, it would look like this:

Using our Chrome Extension, it would look like this:

Make sure that all variables passed via PWA/GF are individual variable tokens to make sure they're encoded correctly. Do not try to pass values in the actual POST Params field.

From Elsewhere

You can also call ProcFu functions from other services, eg from a PHP script:

However, for security purposes, scripts can only be accessed from GlobiFlow servers. If you wish to access them from other servers, you must whitelist those server IP's on the Account page in your ProcFu account.

The Functions

For a full list of all functions including an interactive tool to test and run them, please go to:

Podio Remote Scripts - ProcFu
from the creators of GlobiFlow for Podio * - The most basic example of a script. Given a name, it will simply greet the person with Hello.

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