ProcFu Help

Security & Keys

API Token

From the Security Link, you can access your API token.

Your ProcFu API Auth Token is required for running scripts or code from outside systems, like Citrix Podio Workflow Automation (PWA) / GlobiFlow.

It is imperative that you keep this token private. Anyone with this token could do rather large damage in your Podio account. If you ever suspect your token leaked, please reset it immediately so a new one is issued.

Additional Users

Under Security, you can also specify other users that can access your account.

You can invite other Podio users by adding their email address.

Warning! Any users you invite to your account will make Podio API calls AS YOUR USER and have FULL ACCESS to your Podio and ProcFu Accounts.

Whitelist IP Addresses

Under Security, you can also whitelist IP origins for API functions.

By default, scripts can only be called from Podio Workflow Automation (GlobiFlow) and Zapier.

If you want to call scripts from your own systems (eg PHP web server), you will need to whitelist the IP address(es) here.

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