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Date Picker Tool

The Date Picker allows the user to select a date and time from a calendar.


Daily Hours - TIME-TIME of hours to allow every day, eg 08:00-17:00

Availability Interval - the interval to allow time slot selection

Booking Size - the block of time that a single booking occupies

Block Weekends - whether Saturday and/or Sunday should be available or not

Busy Calendar iCal - ical or ics public feed of a calendar to determine availability. You can provide one URL, or comma-separate multiple URL’s.

On Submit

Specify which screen to go to after a user submits a date.

The date and time selected will be available in server-side ProcScript code events in the variable session_vars["lastdatepicker"] and also through the markdown token @[pf_datepicker]

Code Events

Please refer to 📜Code Events for more details.

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