ProcFu Help

Code Events

All screens have multiple code events.

Refer to the placeholder comments in each event to see which variables are available to that event.

All Screens

All screens have the following events:

Summary List Screens

Tables have one additional event:

Detail & Form Screens

Detail Record and HTML Form screens also have:

Authentication Screens

Authentication screens furthermore have:


You can redirect programatically from any screen in any code event (ProcScript and JavaScript) using goto_screen.

For example, if you wanted to redirect an auth screen depending on a user’s role:

// redirect all managers to screen called "manager_dashboard"
if ( auth_item_values["role"] == "manager" ) {

Throwing Errors

You can throw errors in any code event (ProcScript and JavaScript) using the throw command.

For example, if you want to limit a screen to managers only:

// make sure non-managers don't get here by accident
if ( auth_item_values["role"] != "manager" ) {
	throw("Not Authorized")

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