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Data Summary List

Summary Lists provide a overview of app or table records. This is the first foundation in master detail views (this is the master).

All Items vs Related

In any of the “All Item” modes, the table will show all items in the app.

With “Related Items” you need to specify a related app, and then the table will show ONLY items related to the current item of the related app.

For example, if your app has a relationship field to the authentication app, you can show only items related to the current logged in user.

Similarly, if you have an invoice app and a line items app with a relationship to invoices, you can show only line items of the most recently seen invoice.

Custom Filters

You can also choose to use custom filters to fetch the data from the source.

Please note that it would be up to you to format the filter in the way that the corresponding API requires it.

Display Options

You can display your summary list in one of multiple formats:

Cache Time

ProcFu does not store unnecessary data from your hosted accounts. However, for usability, we do cache the content visible in tables to reduce the number of API calls required to render the data.

If you specify no caching, then we will not store any of the data, but each successive rendering of the same data table will require API calls to re-fetch the data every time, which is a little slower.

On Click

You can specify a screen to go to when a user selects a row in the table.

This would usually be a Data Detail Record screen to show the details of the selected item, thereby completing the master - detail flow.

Code Events

Please refer to 📜Code Events for more details

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