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Data Detail Record

Detail Records provide an individual app or table record, allowing the user to view, edit, or create items. This is the second foundation in master detail views (this is the detail).


To prevent URL hacking (users trying different item ID’s in the URL to see what they can access), ProcFu will only allow a detail record of items previously seen in summary list screen.

You can select the “Allow URL ID Override” option to bypass this security feature, but it would be prudent to add additional security checks in your code events to prevent unauthorized access of items.

You can also bypass this by explicitly setting the current_app_items array to a known item ID, eg current_app_items[APPID] = ITEMID


You can select the fields and order to show, and override any field labels.

When you “Lock” a field, it will be shown on the screen, but will not be editable to the user.

You can also “Hide” fields, which is useful if you want to give the fields a default value without user interaction, or want to pass their value to processing code afterwards.

On Submit

In the On Submit option, select the screen to move to after the user completes editing or creating an item. Usually this would be back to the corresponding summary list screen that got them to this detail screen in the first place.

Code Events

Please refer to 📜Code Events for more details

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