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Apps by default run in English, but many defaut screen elements can be translated into other languages.

This is done by setting translations in a JSON array, where the key is the English text, and the value is the translated text.

For example:

    "Save": "Speichern",
    "Cancel": "Abbrechen"

This would change all save and cancel buttons in the UI.

You can also change translations dynamically in any server-side code events that expose the translations variable.

For example, if you have links that add a URL parameter for lang, you could do something like:

if ( url_parameters.lang == "de" ) {
	translations = {"Save":"Speichern","Cancel":"Abbrechen"}
if ( url_parameters.lang == "es" ) {
	translations = {"Save":"Ahorrar","Cancel":"Cancelar"}

To reset translations back to default, simply provide a non-valid object, eg:

if ( url_parameters.lang == "en" ) {
	translations = "reset"

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