ProcFu Help

Running ProcScript from Citrix Podio Workflows

To run ProcScripts from your Podio Automations is very straight-forward.

Simply place your code into a Remote POST action. You can insert any tokens you wish, and the RETURN from the code will populate the GlobiFlow variable you specified.

It is highly recommended to use our Chrome Extension add-on for GlobiFlow which greatly simplifies using code in Remote POSTs and adds invaluable debugging features.

Without our Chrome Extension:

To method must be POST and the URL to post to is

In the POST Params, simply provide the code.

It is essential that your Headers contain:

Remember to replace YOUR_SECRET_PROCFU_TOKEN with your actual token from your ProcFu account.

With our Chrome Extension:

When adding a new automation step, select "ProcFu Function":

The headers and URL will be filled in for you. Simply select your ProcFu authentication token and add your code:

Even better, click on the EDIT button and access the full BASIC Editor & Debugger:

GlobiFlow Tokens

Please note that token values are inserted by GlobiFlow as-is. In other words, if you're expecting a string in your code, you'd need to put the token in quotes and urldecode it. For example:

numeric = [(Item) Podio Item ID]
string = urldecode("[(Item Title]")

Returning a value

If you expect a return value, always make sure you use the RETURN command. Eg:

RETURN "true" or RETURN x etc

Note that Citrix Podio Automation requires results as text, so any objects or arrays that your code returns will be JSON encoded.

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