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HTML & Event Order

Advanced HTML Order

Each rendered page includes the headers and footers from the advanced settings in order:


HTML Header (full HTML)

<div class="pfui">

Custom HTML (full HTML) App Header (Markdown)

<div> Mini App Screen

Screen Header (Markdown) Screen Content Screen Footer (Markdown)



HTML Footer (full HTML)


Code Event Order

When Rendering a screen, the event order is as follows:

  1. Before Process event
  1. Screen renders with Header, Footer, and wireframe placeholder for body
  1. Before Render event
  1. Wireframe placeholder replaced with content
  1. On Render JavaScript event

Additionally, for summary / table screens when a row is selected:

  1. On Select JavaScript event

Additionally for detail / item screens when Submit / Save is clicked:

  1. Validate required fields
  1. On Submit Validation event
  1. if errors STOP
  1. Save item
  1. After Submit event

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