ProcFu Help

Custom URLs and Domains

If you specify a custom URL for your ProcFu App, the app will function both on the original URL:

and the custom URL:

Custom Sub-Domains

Note: This functionality is new and currently in BETA testing.

To also (in addition to the above 2 URL schemes) have your app work on a subdomain of your business domain, please follow the following steps:

  1. Choose a subdomain on your domain
  1. Create a CNAME record for that subdomain pointing to "", eg: 7200 IN CNAME
  1. WAIT until the DNS change has propagated
  1. Submit a support ticket with details of the subdomain you set up

We will then add your subdomain to the proxy configuration manually and advise you in the ticket once that is complete.

Once set up, any Mini App you set a custom URL for, will also function on your subdomain:


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